Alright Sunshine
Hey I'm Esmeralda, 17 from Singapore. This blog consists of things I like. xxx

    Dear Wesley, Ted and Philip,
    Firstly, congratulations for making this far, reaching an honourable milestone. We, the fans, have undoubtedly stuck by you, looking forward to every new video, buying merchandises and waiting hours to see you.
    A decade is a long time, and you guys have made it very far. Thank you for always succeeding to put a smile on our faces, making us laugh till our tummies hurt and always touching our hearts with warm words.
    My favourite short is “When Five Fell” because it was really a brilliant piece of work and I’m just in awe. Of course I have many other favourites from other genres too!

    I hope to see you guys in Singapore soon. I love you~ x

    -Esmeralda (@raldakiddos on Tw/Ig)

    It was nice meeting you in Singapore, Wesley.
    Thank you Ted for noticing this pic on Insta and liking it.
    Phil, I’m waiting for smth! Haha.

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